About Samantha

View More: http://photos.pass.us/nieves-fall-sessionI’m Samantha, a coffee-craver and small-town native learning to navigate married adulthood in one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. I’m married to Gustavo, maybe the most driven dreamer I’ve ever met, and  we’re hopelessly obsessed with our Doberman-mix pup, Kylo Ren.

I swoon over simple and quiet joys, like Indiana lake days, retelling family stories, Amish doughnuts, and the way swimming pools sparkle and dance with the sun’s rays.

The Enneagram made all my mental light bulbs switch on with the loveliest ferocity—my Type 4 thrives on understanding emotion. My feels go real deep. I’m finally making sense of it all. And words—laden with depth and feeling and creativity—give me the gift of processing. So I write because I feel, I feel when I write, and I hope people feel when they read those words.

I work from home in aerie leggings and Notre Dame T-shirts and messy Buddha buns.

Ink on paper and the feeling of turning a soft page matters more to me than the convenience of technology.

My empathy often operates in overdrive; I’m learning to employ it intentionally.

Tabata and long park walks with Kylo work like therapy. So does cooking in an empty house with a good playlist.

I’ve stopped caring about perfection on my social media; because that doesn’t exist. Authenticity wins every time.

My Indiana hometown is like wind in my heart sails, my Letterfolk board is honored like a prized possession, and I guzzle coffee like I live in Stars Hollow.

I serve as the social media manager for Revive Our Hearts, a national women’s ministry, and I manage one of their outreaches, the Lies Young Women Believe blog.