I’m a writer, social media manager, and content creator with a background in journalism and a love for storytelling.

My resume provides a quick rundown of my professional experience. 

Relational, authentic, creative, precise, and ridiculously passionate, I’m most energized when I’m making something—an engaging Insta Story, a relatable blog post, a caption that gets you to double-tap, a feature article that tells your story, or photos that pause your social scroll.

Since 2015, I’ve been the social media manager at Revive Our Hearts, an international nonprofit women’s ministry, and I’m excited to share some of my work with you:

Social Media Campaigns:


In August 2019, I led the social media strategy of a major book launch campaign for You Can Trust God to Write Your Story, a new release from husband and wife Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth. I coordinated and mobilized a 200-member book launch team, created and executed a detailed content posting strategy, and leaned into crowdsourced content as readers shared their own stories in response to the book.

Instagram Giveaway
This was one of our most successful Instagram giveaways to date; I purchased the products and took the photos in our studio!
Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 5.28.13 PM
One of our most engaging posts in the #TrustGodToWriteYourStory campaign was created by Maggie Ward, a young artist; I reached out and asked her to create one of her weekly “Wednesday Walls” to be featured on our profile!


Advent 2018: The First Songs of Christmas

In November 2018, Revive Our Hearts released its first Advent devotional. As a member of a task force selected to pursue ministry growth, I championed this project and persuaded leadership to launch this resource in 2018 for our general audience. This project was multi-faceted and included a short-run blog, a major photoshoot, a tight turnaround and big marketing blast, influencer mailings, giveaways, and month-long social engagement. A colleague and I spearheaded the marketing plan—coordinating the photoshoot, mailings, and social media strategy. (I might’ve been a model, too!)


2018 Year-End Giving Campaign

Twice every year—in May and December—Revive Our Hearts launches major fundraising campaigns. In December 2018, I lead the charge for the year-end campaign that we called True Hope. I created a social media strategy, including paid posts, photo and video posting schedules, giveaways, and engaging copy. When I write for fundraising campaigns, I aim to tell a story and create a heart connection.


First-Ever Online Bible Study

In July 2018, Revive Our Hearts released its first-ever self-published Bible study, and my team created and strategized an online study component, hosted on Facebook Live, and it was a smashing success for the ministry. I wrote copy, strategized the social media marketing campaign, mentored the on-air hosts, and provided customer support.

My Writing:

One of my greatest passions is to look someone in the eyes and say, “Yeah, me too.” I want them to know the hard things are real, and I get it. Read the wild mingling of pain and healing.

I carry my imaginary pom poms with me wherever I go; cheering others on is the very best, and I love giving teens a good pep talk. Read A Letter for Every Teenage Girl.

Disappointment. We can all relate. From little bummers to massive whoppers, we need perspective in the ditches of disappointment. Read When Disappointment Digs Ditches in Your Heart on the True Woman blog.

I’m a glutton for telling stories—and my tight-knit, midwestern family provides 90% of my material. Pier 614, we can’t get enough of you.

I’ve written more than 100 posts for the Lies Young Women Believe blog, a ministry for teen girls and a platform that’s overdue for a name change. (Am I the biggest champion of a rebrand and marketing overhaul? Yes, yes I am. Work in progress!)

Microblogging on Instagram is my jam. Here’s one of my favorite posts about loneliness and friendship—and another about the hard things that become beautiful things.